Professional  Canonical  Services
"Assisting the faithful in advancing their rights according to the Canon Law of the Catholic Church."


Fee Schedule



Counsel and Representation in Canon Law 


Canonical Evaluation - 

Evaluation fee not to exceed $100.00 if client completes provided form.

$50.00 / hour

Canonical Consultation / Representation

$125.00 / hour

Client is responsible for each expense related to the delivery of service that exceeds $10.00. 

A retainer may apply.  This is determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the type of case and estimate of cost.  If a retainer is required, half will be applied to the first invoice and the remainder will be applied to the last invoice.  The amount of the retainer will be set forth in the Engagement Agreement.

If travel is required to provide agreed upon services, the following fee schedule will be used:

    An administrative travel fee of $40.00/hour will be assessed; double billing will not occur.

    Client will be assessed a minimum of $500.00/day and a maximum of $900.00/day for travel fees and professional services combined (minimum of $900.00/day for travel outside North America).

    Client is responsible for all travel expenses, including lodging and meals.

    An advance payment of travel fees and expenses may be required.

Billing takes place during the first week of each month, with payment expected within 30 days.



Speaking Engagements at Conferences and seminars


Expected attendance of less than 500 people

Expected attendance of 500 to 749 people

Expected attendance of 750 to 999 people

Expected attendance of 1000 or more  people






For parishes or approved groups expecting less than 100 people in attendance, collection taken at end of talk will suffice.

Other considerations:

  • Fees are based on giving one talk.  Additional talks are discounted to 50%.
  • Speaker must be allowed to set up a booth and sell/promote materials.
  • All speaker accommodations including travel, lodging, and meals must be covered.



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