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"Assisting the faithful in advancing their rights according to the Canon Law of the Catholic Church."


consultation process



Evaluation of Concern 

An evaluation of concerns must be made for consultation to be effective.  For this reason, consultation begins with an evaluation process that includes the following:

  • Initial Contact 

  • Completion of an evaluation form with a hard copy submitted for review.  This allows the most pertinent information to be provided and to expedite the evaluation process.  If the form is not completed, or only partially filled out, the evaluation process will take considerably longer to complete and will be more costly.

  • An expert in Canon Law reviews the material submitted and provides a written evaluation of remedies available based on the information provided.  The evaluation includes recommendations of action and an estimate of cost for continued services. 


Continued Services 

Some cases require no further assistance beyond the evaluation.  Other issues require continued assistance.  Continued assistance takes place in one of two ways.

  • Consultation:  Canonical consultation allows the client to remain the primary actor in the case.  A canon lawyer provides ongoing consultation on an as-needed basis.

  • Representation:  Some issues require canonical representation for assistance to be most effective.  This is especially true in cases that involve formal procedures initiated against an individual.  Before representation occurs, a client must sign a mandate that acknowledges the appointment of a procurator and/or advocate.  The mandate must be presented to the appropriate ecclesiastical authority for the representation to be recognized.  Representation allows the client to remain a primary actor, but gives the consulter the power to initiate action and advance the rights of the client under Canon Law.  



         Fees for evaluation, consultation, and representation are assessed in accord with the fee schedule.



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