Professional  Canonical  Services
"Assisting the faithful in advancing their rights according to the Canon Law of the Catholic Church."


Common Areas of Concern


Annulments -

Marriage - 

  • separation of spouses

  • dissolution of bond

Criminal Law - 

  • alleged sexual misconduct

  • violations of confessional seal

  • fraud

  • other

Liturgy - 

  • illicit innovations to the Mass

  • violations of confessional seal

  • Ecclesia Dei

  • other

Property Law -

  • parish closure

  • canonical trusts and foundations

  • administration of ecclesiastical goods

  • fraud

Privacy and Reputation - 

  • criminal allegations

  • fingerprint and background checks

  • violation of spiritual counsel

Rights of Clergy - 

Rights of Laity - 

  • associations of the faithful

  • apostolic initiatives

  • other

Religious Law - 

  • voluntary separation

  • dismissal

  • other

Catholic Education - 

  • catechesis

  • opposition to sex education outside parental control

  • home schooling

While this list identifies the majority of issues addressed, it is not an exhaustive list.  We routinely work in association with civil lawyers hired by clients if the issue requires representation in civil law.




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